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Return of the Dragon

Forge your own path.

Fight your own war.

In the Fifth System, where many planets circle each other, a young Prince falls prey to a bitter civil war. Imprisoned and alone, lost to the darkness of the Tiger Lord’s dungeons, he becomes...


Empowered by a strange master of an ancient past, Ryuki’s quest to find his half-sister takes him across ocean worlds, desert planets and cities built into moons. But there is something even more terrible than the Tiger Lord and his minions...

A terrible secret that threatens to destroy what remains of his family... and his mind.

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Paul Jon Scott

Paul Jon Scott writes fantasy, sci-fi and crime fiction. He loves creating real people and shaking his head at the crazy stuff they get up to.

Born and raised in London, he moved to New Zealand at age 14, married a kiwi girl and works in the field of product design.

He currently lives in the UK with three women (his wife and two cats).

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